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El Cajon, CA

Monster Burger


This Combo comes with a Large Drink

Burger Modifiers (No):No Mayo No Ketchup No Lettuce No Onions No Tomato No Pickles Plain
Burger Adds:Add American +$1Add Cheddar +$1Add Swiss +$1Add Pepper Jack +$1Add Bacon +$2.50Add Jalapenos +$0.75Add Grilled Onions +$0.75
Combo 2:Pepsi (Large) Diet Pepsi (Large) Dr. Pepper (Large) Mountain Dew (Large) Sierra Mist (Large) Mug Root Beer (Large) Orange Crush (Large) Lemonade (Large) Unsweetened Tea (Large) Raspberry Tea (Large) Bottled Water +$2.99Large Vanilla Shake +$4.55Large Chocolate Shake +$4.55Large Peanut Butter Shake +$4.55Large Oreo Shake +$4.55Large Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake +$4.55Large Mint Chocolate Chip Shake +$4.55Large Banana Shake +$4.55Large Strawberry Shake +$4.55Large Cherry Shake +$4.55Large Mocha Shake +$4.55Large Monthly Featured Shake +$5.75

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