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El Cajon, CA

Impossible Meatless Burger

This combo comes with sweet potato fries.

Regular $13.49Combo $16.39
Burger Modifiers (No):No Mayo No Ketchup No Lettuce No Onions No Tomato No Pickles Plain
Burger Adds:Add American +$1Add Cheddar +$1Add Swiss +$1Add Bacon +$2.50Add Jalapenos +$0.75Add Grilled Onions +$0.75
Combo :Pepsi (Regular) Pepsi (Large) +$0.60Diet Pepsi (Regular) Diet Pepsi (Large) +$0.60Dr. Pepper (Regular) Dr. Pepper (Large) +$0.60Mountain Dew (Regular) Mountain Dew (Large) +$0.60Sierra Mist (Regular) Sierra Mist (Large) +$0.60Mug Root Beer (Regular) Mug Root Beer (Large) +$0.60Orange Crush (Regular) Orange Crush (Large) +$0.60Lemonade (Regular) Lemonade (Large) +$0.60Unsweetened Tea (Regular) Unsweetened Tea (Large) +$0.60Raspberry Tea (Regular) Raspberry Tea (Large) +$0.60Bottled Water +$2.99Regular Vanilla Shake +$3.75Large Vanilla Shake +$4.55Regular Chocolate Shake +$3.75Large Chocolate Shake +$4.55Regular Peanut Butter Shake +$3.75Large Peanut Butter Shake +$4.55Regular Oreo Shake +$3.75Large Oreo Shake +$4.55Regular Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake +$3.75Large Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake +$4.55Regular Mint Chocolate Chip Shake +$3.75Large Mint Chocolate Chip Shake +$4.55Regular Banana Shake +$3.75Large Banana Shake +$4.55Regular Strawberry Shake +$3.75Large Strawberry Shake +$4.55Regular Cherry Shake +$3.75Large Cherry Shake +$4.55Regular Mocha Shake +$3.75Large Mocha Shake +$4.55Regular Monthly Featured Shake +$4.75Large Monthly Featured Shake +$5.75

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